TRC1016 SuperPro Lift Control Arm Kit

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SuperPro Lift Control Arm Kit

Raising a vehicle washes off castor and the effects of decreased castor are a loss of straight line stability, vague steering at higher speeds and can cause castor shimmy.
The SuperPro Lift Correction Arm Kit solves the issues with “built in” castor correction in the design, with nearly 4 Degrees for a 50mm lift and 2.5 Degrees for a 75mm lift.
Add in more articulation by utilising the Polyelastic material and this arm becomes the only choice for on or off road use.
These arms are the perfect addition for your 80 series or 105 series with our suspension kits including the slinky long travel as a bolt in caster correction option.
  • Components Per Product: 2 ARMS
Std Manufacturer warranty.