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SK70014 Toyota100 Series on Icon Suspension Aus Spec Kit Stage 4 Heavy Duty 50mm lift

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The Stage 4 SLINKY LONG TRAVEL CDC ADJUSTABLE heavy duty suspension system for the Toyota 100 Series is the best overall handling bolt on suspension system you can install, and incorporates all of the top level components available for the Toyota 100 Series. Designed for Heavy Duty and added weight, but for good off-road flex for those hard spots, and gives you unsurpassed ride quality on the road, or outback track, with incredible off-road performance.

The Remote Reservoir 2.5" CDC adjustable coil over shocks give the Toyota 100 Series front suspension longevity and great heat dissipation, The rear spring options in this system give the Toyota 100 Series 50mm of lift loaded, and ICON's 2.5" Diameter Rear Piggyback Shocks are critical component for people that use their vehicles in various in loaded off-road situations With extended length shocks and cooling from the increased oil volume and piggyback reservoir. 2.5" the built in bump zone to increase your compression valving in the final two inches of compression travel, to prevents the harsh bottom out sensation, and gives the vehicle a much more controlled ride loaded. It’s the best possible off the shelf suspension system available for your Toyota 100 Series.

This kit includes the front Aus spec Toyota 100 Series  CDC coil overs with extended travel with Aus spec valving and coil rate, as well as the rear 2.5” PB CDC extended travel shocks,400-600kg rear coils, Ball Joint UCA’s (Upper Control Arms) and the rear coils.

Accessories that will work with this kit:

SA10101 all Icon SA10101 protective boots for the Rear shocks
SU70011 100 Series All stages SU70011 Toyota 100 Series 0-4 deg adjustable upper control arms
SC70805 80/105 Series All Stages SC70805 Toyota 100 Series Extra Heavy Duty Slinky 70mm lift Rear coil [pr]