SK70011SLT Toyota100 Series on Icon Suspension Aus Spec Kit Stage 1 SLINKY LONG TRAVEL Heavy Duty 70mm lift

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This is our Tourer level suspension system for the Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser. The Stage 1 SLINKY LONG TRAVEL heavy duty system works nicely in all on and off-road scenarios improving factory body roll and over all driving ability whilst maximising wheel travel over any other 75mm suspension package. Icon Suspension front coil-over shocks are tuned specifically to give your Toyota 100 Series great ride quality on and off road and are adjustable up to 100mm of lift while increasing wheel travel.

[UCA’s (Upper Control Arms) SU70101 recommended for 30mm lift or more]

The rear 2.5 Piggyback Series shocks in this system are tuned to match the front coil-over shocks in every aspect, giving consistent smooth performance front to rear for longer. Also provided is a pair of 50mm Lift rear coil-springs, firmer 400kg rated to help with ride quality and handling, as well as to support any necessary equipment you may carry, for weekends and day trips averaging at aprox 300-500 KG of extra weight. Both front and rear are easily rebuild able and we carry a complete range of spare parts to suit.

This kit includes the front Aus spec Toyota 100 Series coil overs with extended travel with Aus spec valving and coil rate, as well as the rear 2.0 extended travel shocks, with boots to protect the shafts, and the rear coils and suits KDSS and non KDSS models.

Comes with 2 protective boots for the rear shocks included. [SKU SA10101]

Accessories that will work with this kit:

SA10101 all All SA10101 protective boots for the Rear shocks
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SU70011 100 Series All stages SU70011 Toyota 100 Series   upper control arms
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ZC7589 100 Series All stages ZC7589 Ridepro 80/100 rear 400kg constant load comfort coil
ZC7565 100 Series All stages ZC7565 Ridepro 80/100 rear 200kg constant load comfort coil
SB70840XK 100 Series All stages SB70840XK Front radius arm offset bush kit [to   chassis bracket to move axle forward 3/8]